SOLACTIS Group at 5th Microbiome R&D business collaboration forum: “Let’s make microbiota science available for the food and feed industry”


R&D Center, Jouy-en-Josas, March 13th, 2018

Groupe SOLACTIS will unveil its strategy to make microbiota science easily available for the food and feed industry, as it will participate to the 5th microbiome R&D business collaboration forum Europe as a Microbiome expert, on march 21st and 22nd 2018 in Rotterdam. The microbiome R&D Business Collaboration Forum Europe is a major event that gathers world ranked experts and top food companies involved in cutting edge developments on Microbiota.

Pascal Ronfard, President of Groupe Solactis, will share his expertise on microbiota oriented food ingredients developments, and will unveil his vision during a keynote session entitled: “Unlocking the power of digestive health and intestinal microbiota through innovation in prebiotics”.
“Science is making huge steps on microbiota” says Pascal Ronfard “making it accessible to food and feed industries is our priority target. Groupe SOLACTIS will take its share of the work whenever efficiency and usage need to be demonstrated.”

Participating to the scientific breakthrough of the microbiota discovery, Groupe SOLACTIS proposes to keep products simple, with clear health authorizations on simple and useful health claims on digestive health, regulated intestinal transit and other related benefits.

About SOLACTIS Group:

Established in 2013, SOLACTIS Group is a supplier of bioscience based ingredients, designed for the industries of human nutrition and animal feed. SOLACTIS Group SAS already produces a non-digestible oligosaccharide, as the first development in line with the most advanced science on gut microbiology.
SOLACTIS SAS Group is a winner of national award “INNOTECH”, by the Reseau Entreprendre, and comes from Agoranov, public incubator developed by the Ministry of Education and Research, the Mayor of Paris and the Region Ile de France.
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