SOLACTIS® Galactofructose becomes active ingredient in “Activia” (by Danone/Pulmuone)

SOLACTIS SAS – Jouy-En-Josas , March 06th, 2023

A new major step for Solactis® galactofructose as it has become the prebiotic ingredient in a symbiotic product of DANONE ACTIVIA® worldwide range. Still at the edge of science and food product innovations, and with heritage.

DANONE ACTIVIA Gold: innovations both on and in the bottle

DANONE/PULMUONE, one of South Korea’s leading functional food manufacturers, has launched a new dual-function gut health food Activia GOLD, with Solactis® Galactofructose inside, on the Korean market.

Solactis® Galactofructose was incorporated within a daring and ambitious new product. By separating the absorption of the probiotic bacteria (contained in 2 pills, located in a moister free compartment in the cap, which delivers the pills when the cap is twisted open) and of the prebiotic, contained in the liquid, in the bottle, the product allows the consumer to fully understand that he is having 2 different active products. Together, these 2 ingredients will synergistically produce a symbiotic effect on one’s microbiota, for the best balance and intestinal good health.
Dedicated to the South Korean market, the new ‘Activia Intestinal Liquid Gold’ are designed so that you can easily take the probiotics and the prebiotic all at once. The triple layer cap keeps it safe until consumed. This innovative closure system is gaining momentum on the supermarket rows in Asia, but has so far not reached the European market.

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Galactofructose: heritage and best innovative science on microbiota

Looking back on the solidity of the health effects, SolactisⓇ galactofructose has a unique remarkable history of reliable science. It was first identified for a “bifidogenic effect” already back in 1957, 40 years before the prebiotic definition. It is the first non-digestible oligosaccharide which has been granted a EFSA health claim in Europe, in 2009, for its beneficial effect on the intestinal transit. It is also approved as a functional food in South Korea.
Solactis® Galactofructose is the first nutritional ingredient in the SOLACTIS® range. It is made from milk and is characterized by a pleasantly sweet taste. Consumed daily, Galactofructose Solactis ® helps to selectively develop the intestinal flora and regulate intestinal transit time.
In some recent studies which are open-science, galactofructose has been shown to enhance the diversity of the gut microbiota and to decrease the abundance of harmful bacteria. These results suggest that lactulose intervention effectively increased the diversity and improved the structure of the intestinal microbiota, which are beneficial for host health (Shixiang Zhai et al., 2018).
In addition, galactofructose stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria and influences the metabolism of the intestinal microbiota. Also, the mechanisms of the positive effect of the galactofructose (or lactulose) on the absorption of minerals, increased absorption of Ca and Mg in the human organism is described. The effect of lactulose on immunity and the possibility of its use to reduce the glucose blood level in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus are presented. Finally, the data confirming the possibility of using lactulose as a growth factor for probiotics, as well as a protective agent to increase the survival of some starter cultures, are presented. (Ryabtsevа SA et al., 2020).
On a more technological point of view, the effect of galactofructose (lactulose) was studied by CSIA in Spain, who demonstrated a stimulating effect on the growth of Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus (in the case of lactic acid fermentation) (Delgado- Fernández et al., 2019a, Delgado-Fernández, Hernández-Hernández, Olano, Moreno, & Corzo, 2020).

SOLACTIS SAS (Greentech Group) is a biotechnology company specializing in human nutrition and feed materials, mainly related to digestive health, transit regulation and immunity. Thanks to its first innovative products in their fields (galactofructose or lactulose, in powder and in syrup), the objective of the SOLACTIS SAS Group is to offer its customers a clear regulatory situation, with human health claims obtained from the organizations most demanding regulations (EFSA in Europe, MFDS in South Korea). This program, initially developed within the Belgian group Solvay, then independently as Groupe SOLACTIS, is now integrated in the leading biotech Greentech Group.
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