Who we are?

Monday September 30th, 2013
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Groupe SOLACTIS SAS is a biotechnology company specializing in human nutrition and animal feed materials mainly linked to digestive health, transit regulation and immunity. These are the most advanced markets of food products bearing health benefits, through the world.

Created through the MBO the research activities of SOLVAY SA on food ingredients and
digestive health, Group Solactis SAS is dedicated to innovation and research partnerships with food groups, academic laboratories, as well as with other biotech firms in targeted health nutritional areas.

Groupe SOLACTIS SAS is built on strong assets:

– the know-how on the preparation of winning dossiers with most demanding authorities. Groupe SOLACTIS SAS has achieved key registrations in both human and animal feed, every year since 2009:

o 2009 : prebiotic, for a daily dose between 0,6 and 3 g, by KFDA, in South Korea,

o 2010 : (1) positive opinion of EFSA (ID 807) regarding transit modulation at 10g,(2)lactulose position vs. feed additive is clarified: it is not a feed additive for animals (Reg892/2010)

o 2011 : lactulose is a « feed material » (Reg 575/2011),

o 2012 : Lactulose reduces transit time – inclusion into the official list of health claims

o 2013 : new catalogue of « feed-material » (Reg.68/2013).

– Family patents WO2011161053 (galactofructose prebiotic effect on humans and lactulose prebiotic effect on animals) WO12107455 (galactofructose transit regulation effect claim on humans, and lactulose similar effect on animals) for efficiency at low dose for both human and animals (mammalians),

– unique proprietary technology of a dry form, specially adapted to the food and feed industries,

– clinical studies and tests in diversified food matrices,

– Solactis® brand for human nutrition, and Vitaloa® – Vitaloa Farm® and Vitaloa Home® brands for animal feed: registered worldwide.(EU Reg. 432/2012)

Groupe SOLACTIS SAS is incubated at Agoranov, public incubator supported by the French Ministry of Research and Education, the Paris City Hall and the Region Ile-de-France.