Solactis on TV : Microbiota active product – with Solactis® inside.

A new food product active on the microbiota, with Solactis® inside, has been introduced by one of the leading manufacturers of functional foods :

R&D Center – Jouy-En-Josas, March 05th 2020

SOLACTIS Group, specialist in ingredients from bio-sciences specially designed for human nutrition and animal nutrition, is pleased to share this new TV ad for a product including galactofructose Solactis ®

As the advertisement shows, we participate in the development of food products that activate the microbiota. Here, probiotics and prebiotics are packaged to work together synergistically. This improves the functionning of the intestine.

Solactis® Galactofructose is an ingredient naturally present in heat treated milk. The digestive health benefits of Galactofructose Solactis ® have been recognized by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), as well as by MFDS (Minsitry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea, formerly known as “KFDA”).
Consumed daily, Galactofructose Solactis ® can selectively develop the intestinal microbiota and regulate intestinal transit time.
It thus brings you a double health benefit.

About SOLACTIS Group:

Created in 2013, SOLACTIS Group is a supplier of ingredients from the biosciences, designed for the human nutrition and animal feed industries. SOLACTIS SAS Group produces a non-digestible oligosaccharide, as a first development, in line with the most advanced sciences in intestinal microbiology.
SOLACTIS SAS Group is an INNOTECH winner of the Entreprendre-Paris Network, and comes from Agoranov, the public incubator of the Ministry of Education and Research, the City of Paris and the Ile de France Region.
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