An ingredient for good food.

Solactis® Galactofructose is a milk-derived disaccharide obtained by a simple isomerisation of lactose. It is a semi synthetic non-digestible sugar formed by association of Galactose and Fructose.

Galactofructose is a well known food ingredient and has been used in many food formulations since 40 years ago.

In fact the large use of Galactofructose in adult and infant formulation results of association of the large benefits on human health and the technical characteristics and behavior such as resistance to high T° and pH conditions.

Moreover, Solactis® Galactofructose is the only soluble non digestible carbohydrate with an approved health claim by European Food Safety Authority. It is included in the list of Commission Regulation (EU) No 432/2012 for its digestive health and transit benefit.

Solactis® Galactofructose is approved for the Prebiotic effect by the Korea Food & Drug Administration. Solactis® Galactofructose enables a significant and selective increase of colonic bacterial populations, and especially of Bifidobacteria (infants, adults, elderly people…).
The combination of these two effects of Solactis®, “prebiotic and transit”, contribute to better intestinal comfort and improved well-being.

Solactis® Galactofructose exists in two forms:

A unique powder which can be used as a nutritional ingredient with a sweet taste and a pleasant flavor. Easy to use in a diversity of food matrixes thanks to its excellent technical and technological properties, such as its resistance to high temperatures and acid pH levels.

White powder
  • Purity: 74%
  • Highly soluble
  • Good dispersibility
  • Density: 0,6
  • Humidity: <2%


A syrup which can be used as sugared ingredient with a sweet taste. Easy to use in a multitude of food formulation thanks to its technical characteristics and behavior.

  • Sweet taste
  • Purity: 52 %
  • High solubility, wetability
  • Good dispersibility
  • Density: 1.3 (+/- 0.1)
  • Moisture: < 2%